Issues: Aging of Prisoners

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Al Jazeera, the Mass. DOC and Freedom of the Press
Criminal Justice Policy Coalition shows Dying Inside: The Elderly in Prison on YouTube
CJPC gets requests for information and cooperation on a daily basis, and recently Al Jazeera, the independent Arabic new service, called. One of their producers wanted to do a television report in English on the increasing number of aged prisoners in United States jails. He somehow was aware that CJPC was advocating the compassionate release of prisoners who are so old or infirm as to be no risk to anyone. The producer, Jeremy Young, wanted to interview members of the Norfolk Lifer's Group on camera. Despite all of the contacts that CJPC has, the Mass. Department of Correction was adamant that no camera crews or interviews would be allowed. Al Jazeera was granted access to elderly and disabled inmates in prisons in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and New York. This report includes direct interviews with the Commissioner of Corrections for Oklahoma. You can judge the quality of the report for yourself by clicking here or on the image above to view it on YouTube. Governor Patrick, Executive Secretary of Public Safety Heffernan, Undersecretary of Public Safety McCroom, or Commissioner of Correction Clarke could, anyone of them, change the DOC's policy of media exclusion with the stroke of a pen. The Massachusetts DOC should end its policy of blocking all direct media access to prisons and prisoners.