CJPC Winter 2014 Newsletter


The Criminal Justice Policy Coalition Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Renewed Commitment to Reform the Sentence of Life Without Parole

The Criminal Justice Policy Coalition (CJPC) will mark its 20th anniversary on Tuesday, April 26 with an evening highlighting its campaign to eliminate life without parole sentences in Massachusetts, instead arguing for a maximum sentence that mandates parole review after 25 years of incarceration. This policy proposal is outlined in this recently released report. The event – from 6:15 to 8:00 pm – is free and open to the public and will be held at Roxbury Community College, 1234 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury, Massachusetts in Room 200 of the Student Center. READ MORE

CJPC 20th Anniversary Flyer

Life Without Parole: A Reconsideration Report Release - 3/21/16

In 2010, Gordon Haas and Lloyd Fillion, in conjunction with the Criminal Justice Policy Coalition and the Norfolk Lifer’s Group, created a report that challenges the sentence of Life Without Parole, deeming it ineffective and in desperate need of reform. This year, we are thrilled to be releasing an updated second edition of the report. Our hope that this new edition of “Life Without Parole: A Reconsideration” will be useful for advocates around the state and across the nation as we push for change on such an antiquated sentence. If you have further questions or are interested in being involved, please contact Rachel at director@cjpc.org or 617-807-0111. Read the report here.

Justice Reinvestment Initiative Is Not Wholly Good

On Monday, August 4th, Governor Charlie Baker, president of the Massachusetts State senate, Stan Rosenberg, and Chief Justice Ralph Gants of the Supreme Judicial Court jointly announced their request to the US Department of Justice to bring the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI) to Massachusetts. This initiative would analyze our current criminal justice policies in Massachusetts and suggest reforms to save money and improve policies. ....READ MORE

Solitary Story Reminds Us Why We Advocate

This summer, one of CJPC’s main initiatives is working with the Coalition for Effective Public Safety to raise awareness of solitary confinement practices in Massachusetts and work for reform. As part of this initiative, during the summer and beyond, we are taking part in the monthly Day of Action on the 23rd of each month. Why the 23rd, you may wonder? Each day, men and women in solitary confinement spend approximately 23 hours locked up in their cell. So, the 23rd is symbolic of those 23, or more, hours....READ MORE

An Open Letter to Sheriff Koutoujian

The following contains my thoughts on the First Unitarian Society of Newton (FUSN) speaker series where Sheriff Koutoujian discussed his role, progress, and ideas for the future as Sheriff of Middlesex County on July 13th, 2015...READ MORE

STOP Solitary Efforts in Massachusetts

As part of the Coalition for Public Safety (CEPS), we’ve partnered with The Prisoner Hunger Strike Coalition (PHSS) to bring awareness to and, ultimately, end solitary confinement in Massachusetts prisons... READ MORE